TAU Devilfish APC

My first model fir big TAU army i just started. My goal is to create whole tournament army for Dominium of TAU in urban, winter camouflage.

This is a high table-top quality. 

You can vote on it at CMON following this link

Technique: Airbrush and paints.

Vallejo Air
Vallejo Model
Oil paints of various brands
MIG Pigments
Vallejo Pigments.

Hope You all will enjoy it, stay tuned for next models.

Don't forget i accept commissions ^^

Take care, Frost.


  1. Fajne camo i ładne zabrudzenia/zniszczenia. Naprawdę mi się podoba.
    Pytanie z innej beczki- jesteście może z Wrocławia? Pytam z powodu nazwy bloga ;)

  2. Z Warszawy, ale niedługo zagramy mecz z Devils we Wrocku ^^

  3. Not gonna lie, I've been searching the web for a long time looking for my favorite Tau scheme, and this is the one I keep coming back to.
    Any chance of getting a tutorial on your camo and weather effects? I desire to emulate this as closely as I can.