TAU are here.

With a comming of a new Dominium of TAU codex, I decided its time to paint something for my own games. In comming weeks I will paint a lot of TAU warriors and tanks, with my own urban-winter camo theme. Expect lots of guns and armour ! Whole army will be painted to high table top quality, with lots of battle damage, oil washing on machines etc. So far i have following miniatures ready to be painted:

1x Devilfish APC
2x Hammerhead Tank
1x Skyray
10 Fire Warriors
8 Vespids
12 Kroot Headhunters with Shaper
1 Krootox

Next (when my wallet will allow it !) i'll buy Riptide, Crisis Battlesuits and Broadsides, Pathfinder Team plus, ofc, a commander.

Keep on happy painting !

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